Harvard Chemical Research, Inc.


Aromatic Botanicals

Water Based Deodorizer

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This odor control product is water soluble and may be added to cleaning solutions or used as an after-spray treatment. It is a unique blend of water soluble fragrances designed to provide a light pleasant smell wherever needed.


Available Fragrances:

Item # 745   Pina Colada

Item # 747   Soothing Lavender

Item # 800   Japanese Pear

Item # 820   Floral Breeze

Item # 830   Lemon Aid

Item # 850   Granny Apple

Item # 870   Wild Cherry

Item # 880   Plum Blossom

Item # 905   Mulberry Patch


Packaging:  4x1G, and 55G


Deodorants With UltraZymes

Deodorant fortified with Enzymes

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This product an enzyme-based deodorizer that deals with a variety of household and light commercial applications. The enzymes will harmlessly break down the compounds that cause odors and will accelerate the deodorizing process. The use of water soluble fragrance oils in this product will immediately mask the foul odor, and allow the enzymes the time needed to eliminate the odor.


Available Fragrances:

Item # 703   Lemon Jazz

Item # 704   Summer Peach

Item # 744   Apple Mania

Item # 746   Spring Mint

Item # 840   Country Floral


Packaging:  4x1G, 5G, and 55G


Deodorants With Quat-Plus

Deodorant fortified with Quat Disinfectant

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Unique combinations of water soluble essential oils, odor neutralizers, and quaternary compounds that work quickly to eliminate foul odors and subdue odor causing bacteria and organisms. Safe for use wherever complete deodorization is necessary or as a power booster to any cleaning solution.


Available Fragrances:

Item # 644  Cinnamon Spice

Item # 701  Cherry Bomb   **Available in Qts

Item # 702  Desert Mist

Item # 706  Orange Blossom

Item # 709  Zesty Green Tea

Item # 826  Vanilla Bean


Packaging:  4x1G, 5G, and 55G


Odor Destroyers

Solvent Based Odor Destroyer

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Essential oil and safety solvent combination delivering powerful and long-lasting odor control.  Ideal for general odor control, restoration procedures, or topical over spray.  Product versatility allows for wet or thermal fogging.


Available Fragrances:

Item # 600     Orange

Item # 1111   Cream Sickle

Item # 6441   Cinnamon

Item # 7011   Cherry

Item # 7441   Green Apple


Packaging:  4x1G, 5G, and 55G



Concentrated Odor Eliminator

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D-Cide utilizes the latest technology in odor elimination; it neutralizes odors on contact by binding, bonding, encapsulating, and absorbing a complete range of odors caused by animals, humans, mold & mildew, smoke, urine, feces, decaying organic matter, vomit, putrefaction, and much more.


Appearance: Light amber liquid with pleasant odor

pH: 7 Item# 727

Packaging: 12x1Q, 4x1G, 5G, & 55G


Fly Begone

Insect Deterrent & Dumpster Deodorant

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Fly Begone is an effective insect deterrent, which works by micro encapsulation of citronella oil, which is offensive to flies and other crawling & flying insects. This product can be use on patios, decks, dumpsters and garbage cans or anywhere insect problems may occur. Fly Begone is totally biodegradable and environmentally safe.


Appearance: Clear liquid w/citronella odor

pH: 7        Item# 2222

Packaging: 12x1Q, 4x1G, 5G, & 55G



Odor Neutralizer

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Odor-Ban is concentrated, easy to use and effective. Just a small amount added to water or other cleaning products will destroy odors on contact without changing the properties of the cleaner. Odor-Ban actually eliminate odors...not just mask them. Odor-Ban is multi-functional. Use it for mopping, shampooing, rinsing or in a hand sprayer or fogger.


Appearance:  Clear liquid with fresh odor

pH: 7 to 8   Item# 725

Packaging: 4x1G, 5G, & 55G


Odor Slam SR

Carpet Deodorizer

SDS        TECH


Odor Slam SR  effectively deodorizes carpet without the use of cationics thereby meeting the qualifications set by stain resistant carpet fiber manufacturers so that stain resistant carpets are not adversely affected.  Effective against troublesome, yet common odors such as urine, vomit and perspiration.


Appearance: Clear liquid w/pleasant odor

pH: 7 to 8   Item# 1219

Packaging: 4x1G, 5G, & 55G



Malodor Encapsulant & Odor Neutralizer

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Pro-Smoke works by micro encapsulation and is not an odor mask or covering agent. Simply speaking, this product “coats” or “encapsulates” foul-smelling matter, seals the contamination and keeps the odor molecules from entering our airspace. It effectively neutralizes odors in carpets, fabrics, cars, boats, bathrooms, kitchens, garbage bins, dumpsters, etc.


Appearance: Clear liquid w/super fresh odor

pH: 7 to 8  solution   Item# 722

Packaging: 12x1Q, 4x1G, 5G, & 55G


Skunk Out

Severe Odor Counteractant

SDS        TECH


Skunk Out is a blend of odor control counteractants, solvents and detergents that reduce the spread of odor causing molecules into the atmosphere. Skunk Out will overcome the most severe odor such as death scene, skunk odors, and unusually strong pet or smoke odors.


Appearance: Clear liquid w/pleasant odor

pH: 7 to 8       Item# 2552

Packaging: 4x1G