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Gly Pho-Sel Pro 41%

41% Glyphosate, Non-Selective

Weed Killer

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Gly Pho-Sel Pro 41% is a high quality, fast acting, systemic total vegetation weed killer. This product contains the same active ingredient as “Round Up”. Highly concentrated with 41% glyphosate and 15% surfactant, this product kills weeds fast and complete.

  • 41% active, 2-6 oz. per gallon dilution
  • Non-selective vegitation killer


Appearance: Tan liquid with low odor

pH: 4 to 5   Item# 0410

Packaging: 4x1G, 2x2.5G & 30G

Surflan Pro

Pre Emergent Weed Killer

(40.4% Oryzalin)

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Fully labeled for most landscape, home and garden, ornamental, and non-crop uses. Kills weeds before they germinate and controls new weed growth for up to 6 months. Effectively controls more than 100 different weeds and grasses.

  • Kills weeds before they germinate
  • Controls new growth for up to 6 months


Appearance: Orange Liquid with low odor

pH: 6 to 7 Item# 0450

Packaging:  4x1G and 2x2.5G


Neurotoxin Rodenticide

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Gladiator is a highly effective neurotoxin rodent killer. Oat based formulation causes it to be highly palatable to both mice and rats. Low dosage rate allows no secondary kill to other animals. Available in wax bait blocks and pellet packs.

  • Fast and effective kill of rats & mice
  • No secondary kill of other animals


Appearance: Solid green wax block

pH: N/A Item# 0460

Packaging: Wax bait blocks & pellet packs